4 Generations of Women — Milaca Minnesota Lifestyle Photographer

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“I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being…”
— Maya Angelou

How in the world am I blessed with so many AWESOME shoots! This one was no exception 🙂 Jamie had a  vision for a lifestyle session with her horses, and 4 generations of the strong women in her family– her grandma, mom, herself, and her sweet little 3 year old. It was a beautiful evening catching the fun, family bond out in the gorgeous countryside. Lovelovelove lifestyle photography!

IMG_7228 copyJamie Hanson8IMG_7243 copyJamie Hanson IMG_7245 copyIMG_7253 copyJamie Hanson2IMG_7191 copyJamie Hanson1IMG_7213 copy IMG_7261 copy IMG_7260 copyJamie Hanson6 IMG_7311 copyJamie Hanson4 IMG_7418 copyJamie Hanson9IMG_7575 copyJamie Hanson12Jamie Hanson5Jamie Hanson11IMG_7485 copyJamie Hanson13Jamie Hanson14Jamie Hanson10IMG_7566 copy

Leah Joy Kelton
Whispers of Light Photography
Natural Light Portrait, Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer
located in Central Minnesota
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