Why I love shooting Classy, Vintage, Beautiful Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting a boudoir session for an old friend of mine who wanted to model for me! My tastes have always run toward satin and lace 🙂

IMG_4770Jenny's Boudoir5IMG_4751

The setting, the light, Jenny’s easy-going nature, it was all so beautiful– every shot was a winner straight out of the camera! I discovered Boudoir photography– in this tame, vintage sort of style– is something I really enjoy doing, and want to continue to do, and because of the somewhat risque course this brand of photography can take, I worry about offending the sensitivities of some people whom I love and respect by doing it. So, for their sakes’,  I’d like to take a moment to explain to you why I love shooting classy, vintage, beautiful boudoir photography.

  • The Beauty— You’ve heard me say it before: I love capturing the beauty in this world in whatever way I can! I believe that beauty is part of God’s glory, and that there is an enemy of God who does everything he can to ruin, disgrace, mottle, destroy, tamper with, and steal this calling card of God in this world. I think that as women, we are especially vulnerable to attacks on our beauty because we are specially designed to carry it! I think that women, young and old and everything in between, are beautiful, and most of us will have to fight all of our days to remember it and carry ourselves as if it were true. I love boudoir photography because, when done tastefully, it can celebrate the beauty of femininity. We are all kinds of shapes and sizes, but we are all carrying a bit of that beauty God bestowed us with. And THAT is what I love to capture when we get dolled up in our satin and lace and exude the girly glamour that is our birthright as women! I don’t think we even need to have a reason for such a shoot– like “oh, it’s a gift for my husband” (though, what a lucky dude!!). Sometimes we need to look at ourselves in a different light to see what was there all along. You are a woman made in the image of God which means you are beautiful. That is reason enough to have your picture taken 🙂
  • The Romance— I’m not going to lie: I LOVE romance between a man and his bride! No matter the age of the couple or how long they’ve been together. Giving your hubby a gift of boudoir photos is a beautiful, romantic, and fun gesture 🙂 I love it because it’s such a personal, intimate gift. You ARE your beloved’s and he is yours, body and soul. Celebrate it! (Wouldn’t an album of your boudoir photos make an EXCELLENT anniversary/Valentine’s/anytime gift for your man??)
  • The Reminder— It takes some guts for some of us to slip into a lacy nightie and pose to create this awesome gift for our loves (or ourselves?). For some, it could be the biggest challenge of all. I am going to be very honest with you and tell you that I’ve been there. I struggled (for what seemed) endlessly with an eating disorder and terrible self-esteem in high school and college. It affected everything I did or didn’t do– this fear of not being worth anything, “beautiful enough,” valuable. The Lord worked on my heart intensely for many years to teach me to see my value in His eyes. And you know what? The value He gives me makes me beautiful. It’s so much deeper than appearances, but somehow as women, value and beauty are often synonymous. I love how such glamour shots can help a woman who may never have believed she was worth much, see a physical glimmer of that beauty and grace He’s bestowed her with, just as He bestowed it upon me. Girl, you are worth far more than precious jewels to the one who made you and you have something to give in this world. The right photograph can remind you of all of that…

The other side of loving such photography is wanting to shield our men from being constantly bombarded with images which could promote lusting after anyone who is not their wife. Sex is good, let’s not forget, but it’s meant for a man and his wife alone. It’s been such a fight not to share every one of Jenny’s beautiful boudoir photos because I love the dreamy light quality, the posing, the classic, vintage feel! But I want my boudoir sessions to remain the private, intimate gift that they are, and will always carefully select the images I share in my portfolio so that they are artistic, but tasteful for all to see.

I hope you can appreciate what I’m getting at here. Let’s take back and celebrate our beauty as women and refuse to let our possession of it be abused or our knowledge of it taken from us!

If you’d like to have a little fun getting in touch with your glamorous side, get in touch! I’m starting my foray into Boudoir photography with a special, limited-time price 🙂

boudoir ad2

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