Kaylee’s 1-Year-Portraits — Minnesota Portrait Photographer

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“Knowing we are loved makes us brave.” – Leigh McLeroy

Sweet Miss Kaylee is truly one of the prettiest baby girls in the world, and it’s such a pleasure to be asked to take her photos again 🙂
I went out to her family’s new home the last time I was in Northern MN and we found a few gorgeous little places to set up. Then she worked that darling 1-year-old charm! Be prepared for your heart to melt, people 🙂

Kaylee Branstrom  1 year Kaylee Branstrom  1 year1Kaylee Branstrom  1 year2Kaylee Branstrom  1 year5IMG_2347Kaylee Branstrom  1 year4Kaylee Branstrom  1 year3 IMG_2469

Leah Joy Kelton
Children & Baby Photographer
Whispers of Light Photography
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