The Kopkie Family — Minnesota Family Photographer

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“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”
— Desmond Tutu

This is one of most beautiful families in my world– my big sister’s family of 6 🙂
I love them dearly. And I love the way our family photo session in their yard turned out!
If interested, ask me about our family photo promotion going on now through the end of October…

IMG_2703 Kopkies - Sept '131Kopkies - Sept '13IMG_2629 Kopkies - Sept '132IMG_2635 IMG_2641Kopkies - Sept '133 IMG_2691Kopkies - Sept '134 Kopkies - Sept '135 IMG_2685IMG_2732 Kopkies - Sept '136 IMG_2682

Leah Joy Kelton
Family Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer
Whispers of Light Photography


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